Vampire revenants

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Vampire revenants
Legacy of Kain: Defiance enemy
Vampire revenants in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.
Vampire revenants as they appeared in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.
Introduced in Icon-Defiance.png Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003)
Appearances Icon-Defiance.png

Vampire Revenants were a type of Revenant encountered in Defiance. Vampire Revenants were created by Hylden possessing Ancient Vampire corpses and using them to enter the Material Realm (in a manner similar to Raziel's Corpse Possession). The creation of these Revenants required Ancient Vampire corpses; hence they were confined to Vampire areas like Vorador's Mansion and the Vampire Citadel.

Vampire Revenants were stronger than Human Revenant, but weaker than Hylden Revenant; they were also able to temporarily protect themselves with a shield which made them immune to TK attacks.

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