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The Water Glyph is another glyph ability that Raziel  can acquire during Soul Reaver 1. It can be found in the Human Citadel, but only after acquiring the Swim and telekinetic force projectiles ability. Once inside the temple, there will be a large statue of a woman with chiropteran-wings on her head. To get the glyph, Raziel had to drag and push blocks to release a water opening that releases and causes the water to flow over the statue. After solving the puzzle, the glyph will be available and obtainable.  It require 6 points of Eldricth Energy to use. When used, Raziel creates 2 water balls in each hand, raises them high up and a wave of water is created and attacks enemy vampires. The Glyph cannot be used against Rahabim vampires or humans.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The animation used for the water glyph is identical to that of the Fire Glyph, with the element used being the only difference.

Gallery[edit | edit source]