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Vampire XP Boost icon
Human XP Boost icon

XP Boost was a perk originally intended to feature in Nosgoth but cut from its release builds.


  • Appearances: Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png Nosgoth (cut)


XP Boost were two distinct perks, one for Humans and one for Vampires, each designed and intended for usage in Nosgoth. Despite evidence of the abilities, the perks themselves were not included in release builds of the game. Bill Beacham commented on the abilities:

"XP Boost was a Perk that was cut – Boosters serve this purpose in the updated design."
―Bill Beacham

In the final game, boost perks are not present and area ultimately replaced by a number of different Boosters available in the Store under "Boosts" - each of which has distinct effects.


  • Given the identical naming, it is highly probable that two XP Boost perks were equivalent abilities, one available to Humans and the other to Vampires - other perks that do feature in the game were often treated as equivalents, though they were usually assigned distinct names in the release builds.
  • The design of the Human XP Boost is identical to the icon used for the Human Booster in the Store - the Vampire Booster, though equivalent features a design more closely based on the Vampire faction logo than the Vampire XP Boost icon.